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We offer huge discounts on bulk orders of LED’s for offices, retail stores, homes, along with agriculture & everything in between!




Add the perfect lighting to your office by tossing out those old T8 fluorescent’s  and adding our T8 LED Tube, the offices will be covered in a beautiful soft, white and vivid light that is sure to add productivity!


Warehouses & Factories

We have an LED High-Bay light that has an amazing light footprint that will last 30,000 hours of continuous use and features a a specially made metal fixture with multiple angled bends that reflects light in different directions to maximize lumen output



Light the outside of your commercial building using our Wall-Pack outdoor light, your building will stand out from the rest by being illuminated in a vivid white light instead of a yellow glow while reducing energy costs at the same time!

LED Lights use at least 75% less energy and last 35 to 50 times longer than an incandescent bulb. LED’s give off only a small amount of heat and a brighter light, all while the light output remains constant throughout its life time. LED’s are absolutely green because they contain no toxic components such as Mercury and Fluorides found in fluorescent lighting.  
Unlike incandescent light bulbs, LED’s don’t have filaments that can burn out and for this reason they don’t get hot. Since they don’t have a filament they can be encased in plastic, making them much more durable. The main advantage of LED’s is efficiency. Regular light bulbs must heat up a filament which is a big waste of energy, where LED’s don’t need to do this and instead that wasted energy goes straight into generating light. They are illuminated solely by movement of electrons in a semiconductor material while lasting just as long as any standard transistor.
LED’s used to be very expensive but since the year 2000 they have steadily become cheaper and now are replacing everything from the lights in your TV to your bedroom light bulb. Here at LED Wholesale Outlet we offer these excellent products at rock bottom prices for your office, parking lot, commercial building and agriculture solutions!

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